About​ Wickenby Museum

Opening Times:

10am to 4pm Wed-Sun or by appointment

The Museum

The Wickenby Museum was opened in the upstairs room of the Watch Office in the 1990s by the owners of the Airfield due to popular demand from visitors. Since then it has gone from strength with the aquisition of many new and interesting artefacts related to RAF Wickenby and the Lancaster Bomber & it’s crews. We have included a large number of photographs in our displays which include Post War Wickenby, Off Duty Wickenby, the Women’s Auxilliary Air Force, The Lancaster, Ground Crew and a featured Wickenby Crew which currently tells the story of the crew of ND410 which was shot down in Holland on 19 February 1944 with all lives lost.

Amongst the many and varied artefacts on display are uniforms, medals, a Bomb Aimer’s panel and bomb sight, radio and transmitter, Log Books & also the original Ops Board which currently features the raid to Mailly le Camp on 3 May 1944 when Wickenby lost 7 out of 27 aircraft. The Museum looks out over two of Wickenby’s original runways, 03/21 & 16/34 which are still used today.

We look forward to your visit.

The Archive

The Archive was originally put together by the Wickenby Register and has been housed at Wickenby for a number of years where it has been added to considerably. Over the years we have digitised all the documents and cross referenced each one to our main database which includes information on all ops flown from Wickenby and all the crews who took part. This means we can simply search under a persons name and find all the documents and photographs we have which are relevent to that person, crew or plane.

The Archive is an ever growing resource and includes Flying Log Books, the Operational Log Books for both 12 & 626 Squadrons, Casualty Records, Station Diary, Reference Books related to WWII and Bomber Command, POW records, Crash & Burial Records, personal stories from the airmen and over 1,400 photographs. We are always on the look out for new information and if you can help with this please get in touch.

We have also added to our information on Ground Crews and post war Wickenby but sadly this is an area where we don’t have a great deal of information, if you could help to add to this please contact us.

For many years, Anne Law was the Curator, at the Museum and we are all grateful for her tireless efforts before her well-deserved retirement in 2020.